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Why Some Analysts Think DuPont (NYSE: DD) Is a MUST BUY NOW

By Julie Stoller   |   Jun 12, 2024 at 06:19 PM EST   |   Companies
Why Some Analysts Think DuPont (NYSE: DD) Is a MUST BUY NOW

Are analysts singing the praises of DuPont De Nemours Inc (DD)? Some are, others aren’t. Most experts are upbeat, including CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer. He recently gave DD two thumbs up based on its year-to-date share rise, which went from a low of $61.20 in early February to a high of $82.15 by the end of May. Other analysts dig more deeply into the company’s financials, such as its earnings per share (EPS), which has dropped 58% in the past year, and its 6.1% drop in revenue. This disconnect points to other factors that can influence market sentiment. Total shareholder return (TSR), which includes dividends, shows that DuPont shareholders had a 15% return.   

What's New With DuPont

DuPont’s biggest news was back in May when the company spun off into three publicly traded, independent companies. It separated its electronics and water divisions, continuing its tradition as a diversified industrial business. It also made top management changes. In May, the company also showcased its advanced packaging and integrated circuit substrates, critical for high-performance computing applications—specifically, AI accelerators. These strategic innovations, and its ongoing collaboration with key AI players like Silicon Catalyst and STMicroelectronics (ST), are helping propel the 220-year-old company into the future. In 2023, DuPont partnered with ST to develop smart wearables to monitor biosignals. Silicon Catalyst connects DuPont with startups engaged in semiconductor materials and new technologies.

What The Analysts Are Saying

Cramer sees the new enthusiasm for DD, which is reflected in its share rise this year, likely propelled by recent business decisions and AI initiatives. Other analysts agree. Zacks Equity Research recently upgraded DD to a strong buy, the consensus rating from more than a dozen other Wall Street analysts. Those who follow DuPont include Edward Jones, RBC Capital, Wells Fargo, and Morgan Stanley. The average price target is $91.75, with a high estimate of $103. Shares of DD are currently trading up 1.14% at $80.56.

Neither Julie Stoller nor Stocks.News have positions in the companies mentioned in this article.

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Julie Stoller

Contributing Writer

As a professional writer since 2012, Julie Stoller has covered many industries, from healthcare and technology to consumer products and industrials. She has written about IPOs, spinoffs, ETFs, stock splits, commodities, legislative actions impacting investors, and macroeconomic issues. While keeping up with the latest meme stocks and trends, Julie's special interests are discovering ...

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