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  • -0.78 %
  • -$43.68
  • DJI
  • $40,665.02
  • -1.29 %
  • -$533.08
  • N225
  • $39,984.22
  • -0.35 %
  • -$141.91
  • FTSE
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  • IXIC
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Stocks represent ownership in a corporation, granting shareholders a claim on part of the company's assets and earnings. When you buy a stock, you become a part-owner of the company, with the potential to earn returns through dividends and capital appreciation.

Ticker Exchange Price Last close Open Day high Day low Add To Alert Add To Watchlist
STEL Stellar Bancorp,...
NASDAQ $26.08   -0.77 (-2.87%) $26.84 $26.56 $27 $25.95
EGLE Eagle Bulk Shipp...
NASDAQ $62.62   0.02 (0.03%) $62.6 $62.73 $62.85 $61.39
EXPD Expeditors Inter...
NYSE $120.24   -0.52 (-0.43%) $120.81 $121.76 $123.11 $120.23
EQBK Equity Bancshare...
NASDAQ $39.64   -1.08 (-2.66%) $40.66 $40.32 $41.12 $38.96
PRIM Primoris Service...
NASDAQ $54.09   1.49 (2.83%) $52.6 $52.92 $55.05 $52.41
PAAS Pan American Sil...
NASDAQ $22.92   -0.63 (-2.67%) $23.57 $23.71 $23.71 $22.85
XPER Xperi Holding Co...
NASDAQ $7.86   -0.5 (-5.98%) $8.36 $8.27 $8.4 $7.84
AMTB Amerant Bancorp ...
NASDAQ $26.05   -0.59 (-2.22%) $26.61 $26.54 $26.99 $25.87
AUB Atlantic Union B...
NASDAQ $39.21   -0.62 (-1.56%) $39.78 $39.33 $40.5 $38.77
KNTK Kinetik Holdings...
NASDAQ $44.01   0.74 (1.71%) $43.29 $43.19 $44.22 $43.19
GNTY Guaranty Bancsha...
NASDAQ $33.54   -0.73 (-2.12%) $34.5 $34.23 $34.5 $33.41
RNST Renasant Corpora...
NASDAQ $35.47   -0.54 (-1.5%) $36 $35.63 $36.67 $35.17
COHR Coherent, Inc.
NASDAQ $74.56   -1.29 (-1.7%) $75.82 $76.6 $76.91 $72.07
ANTX AN2 Therapeutics...
NASDAQ $2.86   -0.11 (-3.72%) $2.96 $2.92 $2.98 $2.84
ADSE ADS-TEC Energy P...
NASDAQ $12.22   -0.3 (-2.37%) $12.65 $12.54 $12.54 $11.88
ALGN Align Technology...
NASDAQ $250.6   0.08 (0.03%) $250.58 $251.89 $263.24 $249.3
INFN Infinera Corpora...
NASDAQ $6.01   -0.06 (-0.99%) $6.06 $6.06 $6.07 $5.97
AEIS Advanced Energy ...
NASDAQ $111.88   -2.66 (-2.32%) $114.71 $114.13 $116.33 $110.88
AKRO Akero Therapeuti...
NASDAQ $27.06   0 (0%) $27.08 $26.88 $27.64 $26.15
CATY Cathay General B...
NASDAQ $42.7   -0.46 (-1.07%) $43.15 $42.87 $43.86 $42.5

Investing in Stocks: Understanding the Basics


Stocks can be a lucrative way to build your wealth but, before you invest, it is important to understand the basics. This article will explain why individual investors buy stock, why companies issue stock, its benefits & risks, how to buy, and sell stock, how to decipher commissions, and how to avoid fraud in the market.

Why Do People Buy Stocks?

People buy stocks in order to grow their wealth over time. They invest in shares so as to make a profit from the capital appreciation and dividends on attractive companies.

Why Do Companies Issue Stock?

Stock: Companies issue shares to realize money for a few functions, together with to grow or invest in data or finance or to repay debt. Companies can tap into investor funds without negotiating additional loans by selling ownership shares.

Benefits and Risks of Stocks

Stock investments provide investors with some advantages like the ability to earn higher returns, partial ownership of growing businesses, and pocket the liquid cash. But there are tradeoffs (specifically, market volatility, loss of principal, and the uncertainty of future returns).

How to Get and Give Stocks

Get and give stocks with a bank account. Do this online or at a bank office. Say how much and what price you want to trade.

Know About Money You Pay

Know about the fees for trades, like fees for trading, account fees, and other fees for trading or rules. Know about these fees to use the money well.

Stay Safe

Don’t get false. Look into people before you trust them. Watch for tricks and wrong ways people get money from you.


Stocks are good for getting money, but you need to know about the good and bad. Learn about stocks to make the right choices in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a stock?

    A stock is a share in a company and means a part of the company's assets and money. There are two kinds of stock: common and preferred. Common stock lets the owner vote and get money, while preferred stock doesn't allow voting but has a better claim on assets and money.

  • How do i buy stocks?

    You can get shares using a broker, online or traditional. First, open an account and deposit money. Then, buy the shares you want. Online brokers provide tools to help with investing.

  • What Factors Should I Consider Before Investing in a Stock?

    Before buying a stock, think about the company’s money situation, leaders, competition, industry trends, and how much it can grow. Also, check the stock’s valuation numbers like p/e ratio, EPS, and dividend yield. It’s also key to know how much risk you're okay with and why you're investing.

  • What Is the Difference Between a Stock and a Bond?

    Stock is a part of the shares of a company that give you profit and can sometimes be paid in cash. Bonds, on the other hand, are a form of debt. When you buy a bond, you make a loan to the issuer (government or corporation) and sometimes you get the interest back and the bond matures. Stocks can be risky but can offer higher returns than bonds.

  • How Are Stock Prices Determined?

    Stock prices depend on how much people are willing to buy and sell in the market. Many factors affect this such as how the company is doing financially, how people feel about investing, how the business is doing, and how the economy is doing in general. If more people want to buy stock the price will increase but when there are more people selling than buying, the price goes down.

  • What Is a Stock Exchange?

    A stock is a place where people buy and sell stocks. Larger stocks include the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. Stock positions help people sell stocks and ensure there is enough liquidity and loyalty in the market.

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