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  • -0.71 %
  • -$39.59
  • DJI
  • $40,287.53
  • -0.93 %
  • -$377.47
  • N225
  • $40,063.79
  • -0.16 %
  • -$62.61
  • FTSE
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  • IXIC
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Top Amex Stocks

This is a current list of the top 250 companies by market capitalization on the American Stock Exchange (Amex). 

Ticker Current Price Sector P/E Ratio Market Cap
IMO Imperial Oil Lim...
$69.3   -0.64 (-0.92%) Energy N/A $34.66 B
CQP Cheniere Energy ...
$53.22   0 (0%) Energy N/A $23.26 B
CBOE Cboe Global Mark...
$185.1   1.16 (0.63%) Financial Services N/A $18.16 B
SIM Grupo Simec, S.A...
$30.1   0 (0%) Basic Materials N/A $5.23 B
BTG B2Gold Corp.
$2.95   -0.03 (-1.01%) Basic Materials N/A $3.38 B
SEB Seaboard Corpora...
$3090.02   -44.28 (-1.41%) Industrials N/A $3.1 B
UEC Uranium Energy C...
$5.87   -0.06 (-1.01%) Energy N/A $2.5 B
FISK Empire State Rea...
$10.5   -0.17 (-1.59%) Real Estate N/A $2.47 B
ESBA Empire State Rea...
$10.47   0.16 (1.5%) Real Estate N/A $2.4 B
OGCP Empire State Rea...
$10.67   0.32 (3.09%) Real Estate N/A $2.37 B
PRK Park National Co...
$166.2   1.46 (0.89%) Financial Services N/A $2.2 B
GSAT Globalstar, Inc.
$1.19   -0.01 (-0.83%) Communication Services N/A $2.07 B
EQX Equinox Gold Cor...
$5.55   -0.04 (-0.76%) Basic Materials N/A $1.98 B
DNN Denison Mines Co...
$1.96   0.01 (0.51%) Energy N/A $1.87 B
NHC National HealthC...
$124.38   -1.73 (-1.37%) Healthcare N/A $1.59 B
NGD New Gold Inc.
$2.22   -0.05 (-2.16%) Basic Materials N/A $1.36 B
MAG MAG Silver Corp.
$13.14   -0.26 (-1.94%) Basic Materials N/A $1.3 B
ORLA Orla Mining Ltd.
$3.92   -0.05 (-1.26%) Basic Materials N/A $1.25 B
NG NovaGold Resourc...
$4.37   0.03 (0.69%) Basic Materials N/A $1.24 B
CCF Chase Corporatio...
$127.49   0.05 (0.04%) Basic Materials N/A $1.21 B

Top AMEX Stocks: Exploring Opportunities on the American Stock Exchange


The AMEX, now called NYSE American, has many chances to put money into companies. This post looks at top Amex stocks - firms on this list that folk can think about for their shares. We'll look at what makes the AMEX special, why these stocks are good to think about, and how to find chances for growth and cash. The AMEX joined with NYSE American, gives a place to trade shares, ETFs, and picks. Though it used small and to had mid-sized firms, it now has lots of types of firms. Getting shares in AMEX firms can show folks to firms that may not be on big lists, so they might grow a lot.

Why Consider AMEX Stocks?

Diverse Investment Opportunities

AMEX sells parts to different kinds of companies like tech, health, power, cash, and others. These parts can show you to small markets or new fields that may not be on other markets. For those who want to get different types of parts from the major markets, AMEX gives you a way to look at lesser-known but good companies.

Potential for Growth

Lots of AMEX-listed firms are smaller or mid-sized with big growth potential. These firms might be in early stages of growth and could interest investors who want big growth opportunities. Putting money into growth-focused AMEX stocks can mix up a set of investments and maybe create big profits over time.

Factors to Consider When Selecting AMEX Stocks

Company Fundamentals

Before buying AMEX stocks, you need to study the company's basics. Check revenue growth, profit, debt, management, and competition. Good basics show that a company can handle market changes and keep growing for a long time.

Market Trends and Sector Analysis

Think about big market patterns and certain sector rules when picking AMEX stocks. Study industry growth chances, laws, and rivals to find sectors ready for growth. Buying AMEX stocks linked with good market patterns can improve the chances of making money.

How to Identify Top AMEX Stocks

Performance Metrics
Check important numbers like EPS, P/E ratio, P/S ratio, and ROE. Compare these numbers between AMEX-listed companies to find stocks with good financial performance compared to others.

Analyst Ratings and Recommendations

Watch experts' ratings for AMEX stocks. They give advice based on deep research and industry knowledge, offering useful views on possible investments. Look at agreement ratings, aim prices, and recent changes to recommendations.

Technical Analysis

Use tools to study AMEX stocks. These tools can help see trends and good points to enter or leave the market. Charts, averages, and momentum indicators can show patterns and signals for trading decisions. This analysis works with fundamental research to understand how people feel about the market and how they act.


Buying AMEX stocks can make a stock collection varied and give chances for more money. By knowing what makes AMEX companies different, studying company basics, and watching market changes, investors can find good chances to spend money. Whether looking for stocks that give growth or ones that pay steady money, AMEX stocks offer many options for different goals.

Like with any money choice, it's important to see how much risk can be taken, have different types of stocks, and know about market news. Talking to a money expert can give special help and make it easier to spend money on AMEX stocks. By using what is said here and doing a lot of studying and thinking, investors can make use of chances with AMEX-listed companies to meet their money goals with trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Amex Stocks?

    AMEX stocks are shares traded on the American Stock Exchange, now called NYSE American. It's smaller than NYSE and Nasdaq, with mainly small and mid-cap companies. AMEX stocks are known for being quick to buy/sell and regulated.

  • How Are Top Amex Stocks Decided?

    The best AMEX stocks are chosen based on different things like market value, trading amount, price, and investor interest. Businesses with good financial results, growth chances, and positive news usually become top picks on the AMEX.

  • Why Should People Think About Amex Stocks?

    People may think about AMEX stocks for variety or to invest in small companies with growth chances. These stocks can give chances for bigger returns than bigger stock markets, but also come with more risk due to quick changes and limits in buying/selling.

  • How Can People Find Top Amex Stocks?

    People can find top AMEX stocks by using tools that choose stocks based on specific things like market value, industry, and price. Financial news websites, market reports, and investment newsletters may also show top AMEX stocks based on recent results and growth chances.

  • What Are the Risks of Investing in Amex Stocks?

    Investing in AMEX stocks has risks like more quick changes and less chance to buy/sell compared to bigger stock markets like NYSE or Nasdaq. AMEX stocks may be more impacted by market changes and investor outlook due to their smaller size and fewer big investors. Also, some AMEX-listed companies may have fewer rules for financial reports, needing investors to do more research.

  • How Can People Limit Risks When Investing in Amex Stocks?

    People can limit risks when investing in AMEX stocks by spreading out their investments across different areas and types of assets. Checking businesses' financial health, team, trends, and position in the industry is important. Setting practical investment goals, using limit orders to manage buying prices, and using risk strategies like stop-loss orders can help people handle the quick changes in AMEX stocks.

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