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  • -$39.59
  • DJI
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  • N225
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Top Penny Stocks Today

This page lists penny stocks with the largest percentage gains during the most recent trading day. The table below is sorted by the biggest gains per company. As markets fluctuate, we'll keep you informed about the biggest movers in the penny stock market. Use the table below to review your portfolio, consider new investments, or divest from your current penny stocks. Penny stocks are public companies with share prices under $1.00 and market capitalizations under $100 million.

Ticker Current Price PE Ratio Market Cap Volume Average Volume
$0.04   $0.02 (161.18%) N/A 17.37 M 1,000 0
AGIL AgileThought, In...
$0.20   $0.11 (137.35%) -0.14 10.32 M 213.70 M 8.17 M
OTRKP Ontrak, Inc.
$0.20   $0.00 (0%) -0.07 11.00 M 100 2,702
NUBIW Nubia Brand Inte...
$0.13   $0.07 (106.35%) N/A 32.30 M 1,550 0
TETEW Technology & Tel...
$0.04   $0.02 (89.05%) N/A 76.29 M 4,525 0
VCXAW 10X Capital Vent...
$0.07   $0.03 (75%) N/A 86.39 M 32,681 0
VRMEW VerifyMe, Inc.
$0.06   $0.03 (72.36%) N/A 15.36 M 397 0
BTBDW BT Brands, Inc.
$0.15   $0.06 (61.89%) 1.06 12.18 M 600 0
SABSW SAB Biotherapeut...
$0.05   $0.02 (61.29%) 0.17 25.20 M 3,970 0
SQZ SQZ Biotechnolog...
$0.44   $0.17 (61.11%) -0.2 12.83 M 30.14 M 553,611
GLSTR Global Star Acqu...
$0.16   $0.05 (54.85%) N/A 83.28 M 2,300 0
MLECW Moolec Science S...
$0.07   $0.02 (52.94%) N/A 43.95 M 36,076 0
LUCYW Innovative Eyewe...
$0.09   $0.03 (50.25%) N/A 21.85 M 17,189 35,573
CURIW CuriosityStream ...
$0.02   $0.01 (43.93%) N/A 33.45 M 1,150 0
LVOXW LiveVox Holding,...
$0.15   $0.04 (41.24%) N/A 14.09 M 1.52 M 0
ASCAR A SPAC I Acquisi...
$0.28   $0.08 (40.5%) N/A 33.47 M 3.01 M 0
FUFUW BitFuFu Inc. War...
$0.57   $0.15 (35.37%) N/A 30.57 M 29,352 0
DUNEW Dune Acquisition...
$0.04   $0.01 (33.33%) N/A 22.25 M 1,900 0
GFAIW Guardforce AI Co...
$0.21   $0.05 (29.94%) -1.18 25.95 M 790 0
ROSEW Rose Hill Acquis...
$0.02   $0.01 (28.94%) N/A 61.66 M 10,848 0

Top Penny Stocks to Watch: Your Guide to High-Potential Investments


In money, cheap stocks bring both excitement and caution for people who invest. These stocks, usually priced under $5 or even $1, can give big gains but also have big risks. Knowing what cheap stocks are and why they interest people is key for those thinking about this high-risk, high-gain area.

What Are Cheap Stocks?

Cheap stocks are parts of small firms trading at low prices, often below $5 or even $1. These stocks are usually not on big stock markets like the NYSE or NASDAQ, often trading on Over-the-Counter (OTC) spots or through pink sheets. Since they have low prices and small worth, cheap stocks can have big price changes, which can make them good for traders who want fast gains.

Why Look at Top Cheap Stocks?

Folks often look at top cheap stocks due to their chance for big growth. While not with no risks, these stocks can bring big gains if picked smartly. The draw is in finding firms that are worth more than they seem, with good growth chances or new trends that could bring big gains.

Picking the Best Penny Stocks to Watch Needs Thinking About a Few Important Things:

  1. Money and Success: Important to check if a small company has good money. Look for firms with more money coming in, not lots of money owed, and good cash flow. Studying their earnings and balance sheets can show how strong they are and if they can grow more.
  2. Market Trends and Industry News: It's vital to grasp what's going on in the market and the industry when choosing penny stocks. Businesses in growing industries or those making big tech changes may be good for penny stocks. Staying up to date with sector news can help find stocks set for growth.
  3. Leadership and How the Company is Run: The people in charge can impact a company's success. Check how good the leadership team is, their experience, and if they are honest with shareholders. Strong corporate rules show a company's plan for long-term growth and to keep shareholders happy.

Good Ways to Invest in Cheap Stocks

Getting Into Cheap Stocks Needs Good Planning and Careful Actions:

  1. Research and Study: First, good research is key before you pick any cheap stock. Use money news, stock finders, and company papers to get info. Learn about a company's plan, rivals, and things that might help it grow.
  2. Charts for Cheap Stocks: A chart study is when you watch price charts and trade sizes to guess what prices might do next. Find chart shapes, like where prices stop going down or up. Also use chart marks like moving midpoints and the RSI to know when to buy and sell.
  3. Cut Risks: Cutting risks is key since cheap stocks can go up and down a lot. Own some shares in a few firms and types of firms to cut your risk. Set orders to sell if prices go too low and make aims for when to take gains.
  4. True-life Wins: Looking at wins can show what cheap stocks can do.
  5. Wins with Cheap Stocks: See what firms went from cheap to big full-size firms. Know what drove their wins, like good plans, and the time they went into the market. Knowing these wins can help you do better too.
  6. Study Losses: Seeing what can go wrong is just as key. Look at bad picks to see what went wrong and stop it from going wrong again. Bad money plans, rules, or big price swings can lead to losses in cheap stocks.


Cheap stocks give chances for people looking for big potential wins but need careful study, smart planning, and danger control. By knowing what cheap stocks are, focusing on good performers, and using smart investment plans, people can move through this changing market with more trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Stocks Are Doing Well Today?

    Today's good stocks move a lot in price or trading. People like them due to new news, money reports, or market changes. People want them for fast money, but it's high risk. Names change based on how the market does that day.

  • How Can People Find These Stocks?

    People can search for these stocks using stock finders and money news sites. These show trade size, price changes, and worth. Web pages just for these stocks and talks can give ideas on what stocks are good now.

  • What Things Make These Stocks Move?

    Some things make them move, like news on a company's money, new things they make, or if they join with some group. The way people feel about a stock, like what they think it will do, can make its price change. Big money news and kinds of jobs can change these stocks too.

  • Are Some Jobs Better for These Stocks?

    Yes, in jobs like making drugs, tech stuff, or things from the earth, we see more of these stocks. These fields have small groups with lots of ways to grow but also more risk. People need to know what's up in these fields, as this can move the price of these stocks.

  • What's Bad With These Stocks?

    It's big risk to buy these stocks today. They move a ton, and they could move all the way down. Some act bad with them, too, like ways to cheat with the stock market. They're also hard to trade, so you can't buy or sell lots of them at once. It's key to look real hard and not act fast.

  • How Can We Deal With These Stocks?

    We should have a plan when we trade these stocks. We need to know when to go in and out and set rules to stop loss. We should not put too much in just one of these stocks. We need to know what's new with the market, look hard at a job, and prep for big moves to trade these stocks well.

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