• $5,427.13
  • -50.59 %
  • -$5,555.74
  • DJI
  • $39,853.87
  • -1.25 %
  • -$504.23
  • N225
  • $38,061.83
  • -2.79 %
  • -$1,092.95
  • FTSE
  • $8,153.69
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  • IXIC
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Most Active Penny Stocks

This report features public companies with share prices of $5.00 or less that have experienced the highest dollar trading volume in the most recent trading session. The stock list is updated daily and can be sorted by trading volume or dollar volume.

Ticker Current Price PE Ratio Market Cap Volume Average Volume
SLNA Selina Hospitali...
$0.05   $0.02 (75.77%) -0.03 7.12 M 1.21 B 39.74 M
CYXT Cyxtera Technolo...
$0.07   $0.00 (0%) -0.02 11.72 M 369.81 M 0
SGMO Sangamo Therapeu...
$0.56   $0.16 (39.55%) -0.3 119.17 M 262.35 M 2.28 M
ALNA Allena Pharmaceu...
$0.08   $0.00 (3.16%) -0.12 0 252.31 M 0
AGIL AgileThought, In...
$0.20   $0.11 (137.35%) -0.14 10.32 M 213.70 M 8.17 M
LYLT Loyalty Ventures...
$0.22   $0.00 (0%) 0 5.39 M 204.48 M 0
BBBY Bed Bath & Beyon...
$0.08   $0.00 (0%) -0.01 41.96 M 192.18 M 121.63 M
SFT Shift Technologi...
$0.17   $0.00 (0%) -0.02 0 173.14 M 0
APE AMC Entertainmen...
$1.42   -$0.31 (-17.92%) -0.3 2.26 B 134.39 M 26.95 M
NUZE NuZee, Inc.
$3.35   $2.32 (225.24%) -0.37 2.19 M 134.99 M 575,368
DIDI DiDi Global Inc.
$2.29   $0.00 (0%) -0.39 0 127.38 M 54.93 M
LMDX LumiraDx Limited
$0.02   $0.00 (0%) -0.01 0 120.55 M 0
TELL Tellurian Inc.
$0.95   $0.01 (0.85%) -3.17 625.83 M 107.93 M 43.63 M
VRAY ViewRay, Inc.
$0.03   $0.00 (0%) -0.1 0 96.17 M 0
EGOX Next.e.GO N.V. O...
$0.03   $0.00 (0%) 0 2.89 M 92.98 M 23.09 M
MAXN Maxeon Solar Tec...
$0.21   -$0.01 (-2.84%) -0.03 82.86 M 86.26 M 60.61 M
TLGT Teligent, Inc.
$0.17   -$0.03 (-13.85%) -0.04 0 72.25 M 7.97 M
FCEL FuelCell Energy,...
$0.52   -$0.02 (-3.74%) -2.09 392.81 M 69.32 M 55.07 M
PEAR Pear Therapeutic...
$0.03   $0.00 (0%) -0.08 4.09 M 66.30 M 10.09 M
DRMA Dermata Therapeu...
$2.67   $1.37 (105.38%) -0.2 1.47 M 65.12 M 88,303

Most Active Penny Stocks: High Volume and High Potential


Cheap stocks, usually under $5, interest investors in big gains. They bring risks but can bring huge profits from small investments. The hottest low-priced stocks, with lots of trading, catch traders' attention. This blog looks at these stocks, studying market trends, providing analysis, and talking about smart investing.

Current Market Trends

Rise in Retail Investor Participation

More people trade stocks online now. This is because apps like Robinhood and Webull let regular people trade stocks easily. Also, social media has made more people want to trade stocks. When regular people trade a lot of penny stocks, it makes the market very active and easy to buy and sell in.

Influence of Social Media and Online Forums

Many people now join the stock market due to easy online apps and social media. This change has increased trading in low-value stocks. Apps like Robinhood and Webull make stock trading accessible to all. So, penny stocks are bought and sold more. This rise has made the penny stock market more active.

Economic Recovery and Sector-Specific Trends

After COVID-19, money markets changed. Biotech, green energy, and tech are popular. People want companies that will grow after the pandemic. Biotech stocks are busy because healthcare improves and new treatments become important..

Analysis and insights

Volatility and Risk Factors

Low-cost shares are very responsive to company news, market trends, and investor sentiment. You can earn big or lose big. Be prepared for frequent price fluctuations in this market segment.

Importance of Due Diligence

Checking carefully before buying cheap stocks is very important. Look at the company's financial records, study how it makes money, and see how it might grow. Pick companies doing well, with good sales growth, not too much debt, and new and useful things for big customer needs.

Liquidity Considerations

Cash is important when buying cheap stocks. Stocks that are often bought and sold quickly are easier to trade, reducing the chance of getting stuck. But, fast-moving cheap stocks also mean that prices can change quickly, requiring investors to be watchful and ready for market changes.

Investing Strategies


Spreading money across many different stocks and kinds of businesses helps lower the danger in penny stocks. This can protect against one stock doing badly. It can also balance the chance for big gains with the need to handle danger.

Technical Analysis

Studying price charts and trading patterns helps make smart investment choices. For low-cost stocks, things like moving averages, volume trends, and RSI can offer useful info about when to buy or sell. People can use these tools to spot trends and make informed choices based on data.

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Approach

People must choose between long or short ways for penny stocks. Long means keeping stocks for a while to let them grow. Short is about taking advantage of price changes for quick gain.


Buying cheap stocks is risky but can be rewarding. Lots of trading means big profits, but big ups and downs too. Keep an eye on trends, do your homework, and spread out your money to do well in this market. Do your research and watch your risk to make good choices and get the most out of these wild and hard-to-predict stocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Penny Stocks?

    Low cost shares, under $5 each, are named penny stocks. They come from small companies and trade on smaller markets or over-the-counter. These stocks change in price a lot and can make big profits or losses, attracting daring investors.

  • Why Are Some Penny Stocks Highly Active?

    Certain cheap stocks get very busy because of news, money results, or big changes like joining, buyouts, or new products. And, cheap stocks also get busy because of guess trading, social media talk, and ads, which can cause fast volume and price increases.

  • How Can Investors Identify the Most Active Penny Stocks?

    Traders find busy cheap stocks using tools and news sites that follow volume and price. Many platforms have filters to show stocks with lots of trading and big price moves. Watching news and social media can also give signals on which cheap stocks people are keen on now.

  • What Are the Risks Associated With Trading Active Penny Stocks?

    Trading cheap stocks is risky. They are very volatile and not easy to sell. Their prices can change a lot fast and you can lose a lot of money. Also, people might cheat you when trading these stocks. So, be careful and study a lot before you invest in them.

  • What Strategies Can Investors Use When Trading Penny Stocks?

    People who trade cheap stocks can use different ways to lower risk and make more money. They can decide on clear points to buy and sell, use stop orders to control losses, and avoid investing too much in cheap stocks. They should also study the company's financial status and market position carefully.

  • Are Penny Stocks Suitable for Long-term Investments?

    Cheap stocks are not good for long-term investment. They are risky and mostly belong to small, uncertain companies. It's better for long-term investors to focus on stable, strong companies with good history. Yet, some cheap stocks in new industries may have potential in the long run, but this is rare.

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