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  • -$39.59
  • DJI
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  • -0.93 %
  • -$377.49
  • N225
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Best Stocks Under $50 Right Now

Discover undervalued stocks priced $50 or less, favored by top Wall Street analysts with 'buy' and 'strong buy' ratings. Explore overlooked market segments for potential deals amidst historically high P/E ratios. Unlock opportunities in sectors often ignored by mainstream investors.

Ticker Current Price P/E Ratio Market Cap Average Trading Volume Consensus Rating Consensus Price Target
HAL Halliburton Comp...
$34.40   -$2.04 (-5.6%) 11.94 $30.17 B 7651090 shares Buy ( 23 Buy Ratings, 3 Hold Ratings, 1 Sell Ratings) $37.91
JD JD.com, Inc.
$26.26   -$0.02 (-0.08%) 11.83 $42.07 B 12145271 shares Buy ( 22 Buy Ratings, 4 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings) $72.80
SLB Schlumberger Lim...
$49.67   $0.95 (1.95%) 16.56 $63.68 B 10824003 shares Buy ( 19 Buy Ratings, 11 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings) $52.93
INTC Intel Corporatio...
$32.98   -$1.89 (-5.42%) 34 $130.86 B 48944475 shares Buy ( 18 Buy Ratings, 13 Hold Ratings, 3 Sell Ratings) $40.88
CMCSA Comcast Corporat...
$40.08   -$0.06 (-0.15%) 10.63 $152.50 B 20094718 shares Buy ( 18 Buy Ratings, 1 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings) $55.62
FTI TechnipFMC plc
$28.15   $0.51 (1.85%) 59.89 $10.46 B 3444455 shares Buy ( 16 Buy Ratings, 10 Hold Ratings, 3 Sell Ratings) $18.25
COG Cabot Oil & Gas ...
$22.25   $0.00 (0%) 0 $17.09 B 11568567 shares Buy ( 16 Buy Ratings, 10 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings) $19.33
RRC Range Resources ...
$32.82   $0.06 (0.18%) 16.41 $8.81 B 2401847 shares Buy ( 16 Buy Ratings, 9 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings) $30.40
BAC Bank of America ...
$42.90   -$0.11 (-0.26%) 15.05 $311.09 B 35057945 shares Buy ( 16 Buy Ratings, 7 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings) $44.07
CX CEMEX, S.A.B. de...
$6.15   -$0.19 (-3%) 43.93 $10.44 B 7102804 shares Buy ( 14 Buy Ratings, 5 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings) $8.42
TPR Tapestry, Inc.
$41.23   -$0.46 (-1.1%) 10.94 $9.97 B 2936970 shares Buy ( 13 Buy Ratings, 13 Hold Ratings, 1 Sell Ratings) $53.94
DVN Devon Energy Cor...
$47.74   -$0.72 (-1.49%) 9.09 $29.57 B 6345240 shares Buy ( 13 Buy Ratings, 9 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings) $65.29
CPE Callon Petroleum...
$35.76   $0.64 (1.82%) 5.78 $2.38 B 1657459 shares Buy ( 13 Buy Ratings, 3 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings) $74.33
OTEX Open Text Corpor...
$30.94   $0.09 (0.29%) 49.9 $7.56 B 815416 shares Buy ( 13 Buy Ratings, 2 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings) $43.50
RIG Transocean Ltd.
$5.27   -$0.14 (-2.59%) -10.76 $4.43 B 17991355 shares Hold ( 12 Buy Ratings, 14 Hold Ratings, 7 Sell Ratings) $6.87
KEY KeyCorp
$15.59   $0.03 (0.19%) 20.51 $13.13 B 13056626 shares Buy ( 12 Buy Ratings, 9 Hold Ratings, 1 Sell Ratings) $21.96
PTEN Patterson-UTI En...
$10.38   -$0.33 (-3.08%) 19.22 $4.11 B 7097951 shares Buy ( 12 Buy Ratings, 8 Hold Ratings, 1 Sell Ratings) $19.67
CSX CSX Corporation
$34.69   -$0.33 (-0.94%) 18.96 $64.02 B 11426330 shares Buy ( 12 Buy Ratings, 7 Hold Ratings, 2 Sell Ratings) $40.13
TAL TAL Education Gr...
$10.09   $0.04 (0.4%) -1009 $6.46 B 6172888 shares Buy ( 12 Buy Ratings, 5 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings) $23.52
YELP Yelp Inc.
$37.31   -$0.16 (-0.43%) 23.76 $2.48 B 677610 shares Hold ( 11 Buy Ratings, 16 Hold Ratings, 2 Sell Ratings) $36.29

Stocks Under $50: Exploring Affordable Investment Opportunities


Buying cheap stocks under $50 is good for new or old investors. It helps spread out risk and can make a lot of money. But, you must research well to avoid problems and make the most money. Shares under $50 can offer good value and room for growth. They might be priced low because of different reasons, but could bring high returns if the companies are strong.

Benefits of putting money in stocks priced under $50

  1. Accessibility: Cheaper stocks are easier to buy. People can get more shares with less money. It helps to make a broad collection of different business areas.
  2. Potential for High Returns: Cheaper stocks, like those under $50, may go up a lot. Suppose a company does well, the gains on these less expensive stocks can be big. This is compared to stocks that cost more.
  3. Diversification: Purchasing low-cost stocks lets investors spread their risk. They do this across different companies and areas. By doing this, any bad performance in one stock has less effect.

Identifying Promising Stocks Under $50

Screening Criteria

When you want good stocks under $50, check these things:

  • Money Health: Look at the company's money reports. Find firms with good money, okay debt, and money coming in.
  • Grow Chance: Find firms with good chances to grow. Check things like making more money, getting a larger part of the market, and making new things.
  • Place in the Business: See where the firm stands in its field. Firms with a strong place and things that make them stand out are more likely to do well.
  • What Experts Say: Think about what experts say about the stock. Good things from experts show the stock might go up.
  • Past Times: Look at the stock's old times and how much it goes up and down. This might help you see how it could do in new times.

Tools and Resources for Finding Stocks Under $50

To get the good stocks below $50, use these tools:

  • Stock Filters: Use these to select stocks by price, size, and money details. You can utilize Stocks.news's tool to pick stocks based on expert views and other traits.
  • Money News Sites: Keep up with money news and market trends. Sites like Stocks.news have changing news and money tools to help refine your trading plan.
  • Investment Accounts: Having an investment account is important for buying and selling stocks. Pick a broker with cheap fees, detailed research tools, and an easy platform.

Risks and Challenges

  • Market Volatility: Stocks under $50 can be more volatile than higher-priced stocks. They may experience larger price swings due to lower liquidity and higher market sensitivity. This volatility can present opportunities for gains but also risks for significant losses.
  • Identifying Value Traps: Cheap stocks can be bad for some reasons. Like having less money or business going down. Look into it before you buy. Check more than just the price. Look at the company's basic things, its position against others, and where the business is going.

Strategies for Investing in Stocks Under $50

  • Diversification: Use many different stocks and sectors to lower risk. This keeps your investments safe from big losses if one or more stocks do not do well.
  • Long-Term Perspective: Think ahead for investing. Short selling makes money fast, but holding good stocks for a long time can make much more.
  • Research and Monitoring: Keep studying and watching your investments. Know market changes, company updates, and industry news. Check your portfolio often and make changes when necessary.


Buying cheap stocks can help build a varied and maybe profitable portfolio. Good research, using the right tools, and thinking long-term can help find good chances and earn a lot. But, it's important to know the dangers of low-priced stocks and to be careful with every investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are stocks under $50?

    Shares in a company under $50. They are seen as not very costly and can cover lots of different areas like tech or food. You can find them on the big stock markets like the NYSE or NASDAQ.

  • Why do some stocks trade under $50?

    Shares trade for less than $50 due to different reasons like market, investor feelings, firm performance, or industry trends. Firms with shares under $50 might have chances for growth or have short-term problems.

  • How can I find the best stocks under $50 to invest in?

    To find good stocks under $50, use a stock tool to find those within this price. Then, study them. Search for firms with good basics, steady profit growth, and a strong edge in their industry.

  • Are stocks under $50 considered risky investments?

    Cheap stocks can be risky. The risk can change based on company stability, sector changes, and the market. Though they might not be as unstable as cheaper stocks, they can still have big price swings.

  • What factors should I consider before investing in stocks under $50?

    Before buying cheap stocks, look at things like the company's money health, bosses, industry changes, competition, and possible dangers or growth. Doing good research can help see the possible dangers and good things.

  • Are stocks under $50 suitable for long-term investment?

    Shares costing less than $50 may work well for long-term investments if they show good basic, growth chances, and a clear plan for future profit. People looking to put money for a long time and are okay with some risk may see worth and growth chances in shares below $50 that fit their money goals.

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