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  • -0.71 %
  • -$39.59
  • DJI
  • $40,287.53
  • -0.93 %
  • -$377.47
  • N225
  • $40,063.79
  • -0.16 %
  • -$62.61
  • FTSE
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DOW 30 Stocks

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is a stock market index of 30 prominent companies listed on major stock exchanges in the United States. It is one of the oldest stock indexes in the United States, having been first calculated on May 26th, 1896. The "Dow 30" is a list of the thirty stocks that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average,sorted by market capitalization.

Ticker Current Price PE Ratio Market Cap Volume Average Volume
MSFT Microsoft Corpor...
$437.11   -$3.26 (-0.74%) 37.88 $3,150.18 B 20.82 M 18.78 M
AAPL Apple Inc.
$224.31   $0.13 (0.06%) 34.88 $3,019.13 B 48.07 M 68.27 M
AMZN Amazon.com, Inc.
$183.13   -$0.62 (-0.34%) 51.44 $1,917.94 B 42.77 M 42.05 M
JPM JPMorgan Chase &...
$209.78   -$0.20 (-0.1%) 11.7 $574.19 B 6.61 M 9.15 M
V Visa Inc.
$265.46   -$3.69 (-1.37%) 29.69 $557.62 B 5.22 M 8.10 M
WMT Walmart Inc.
$70.75   -$0.07 (-0.1%) 30.36 $530.98 B 8.50 M 15.52 M
UNH UnitedHealth Gro...
$565.33   $0.99 (0.18%) 37.39 $451.62 B 3.31 M 4.11 M
PG The Procter & Ga...
$167.96   $0.53 (0.31%) 27.49 $394.28 B 5.11 M 5.98 M
JNJ Johnson & Johnso...
$154.69   -$0.73 (-0.47%) 23.65 $353.97 B 5.37 M 7.39 M
MRK Merck & Co., Inc...
$125.77   $1.52 (1.22%) 141.31 $330.96 B 5.10 M 8.49 M
HD The Home Depot, ...
$363.36   -$2.72 (-0.74%) 24.32 $324.29 B 1.69 M 3.54 M
CVX Chevron Corporat...
$159.15   -$2.82 (-1.74%) 14.64 $287.65 B 5.00 M 7.12 M
KO The Coca-Cola Co...
$65.29   $0.10 (0.15%) 26.22 $275.32 B 10.63 M 11.61 M
CRM Salesforce, Inc.
$247.63   $0.28 (0.11%) 44.46 $234.35 B 3.77 M 8.35 M
DIS The Walt Disney ...
$95.74   -$1.05 (-1.08%) 104.07 $185.11 B 7.60 M 10.17 M
MCD McDonald's Corpo...
$257.28   -$2.24 (-0.86%) 21.84 $184.73 B 2.63 M 3.74 M
CSCO Cisco Systems, I...
$47.32   -$0.72 (-1.5%) 15.99 $184.68 B 17.39 M 19.61 M
VZ Verizon Communic...
$41.62   -$0.45 (-1.07%) 15.59 $172.33 B 14.04 M 17.16 M
AXP American Express...
$242.38   -$6.82 (-2.74%) 19.97 $167.36 B 5.04 M 2.84 M
AMGN Amgen Inc.
$331.29   $0.32 (0.1%) 47.46 $163.62 B 1.84 M 2.49 M

DOW 30 Stocks: Overview and Investment Insights


The DOW 30 picks big companies that shape worldwide money stuff. This blog looks at DOW 30 picks: their past, how they do, cash stuff, ways to invest, parts they're in, worldwide views and why they're key for folks who want safe money growth.

What are DOW 30 Stocks?

The DOW 30, called "the Dow," has 30 big companies in the U.S. These companies are chosen for their worth, fame, and impact on the U.S. economy. The Dow shows the health of the stock market and many people watch it.

History and Evolution of the DOW 30

The DOW 30 list began in 1896 by Charles Dow and Edward Jones. It had 12 companies then. It changed with time to show the economy and industries. Companies were joined and left as the market and firms changed. This makes the DOW 30 reflect the U.S. stock market's growth.

Analysis of DOW 30 Stocks

The DOW 30 has many different kinds of industries like tech, health, money, stuff for people, and power. Each business in the list is chosen to show a fair mix of key parts of the U.S. money system.

Performance and Investment Strategies

The DOW 30 has lots of types of industries like tech, health, finance, things for people, and energy. Every company on the list is picked to represent a good mix of important parts of the U.S. economy.

Case Studies and Examples

Studying examples of DOW 30 businesses gives important clues about how well they do and the choices they make. Firms like Apple, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson always show good profit growth, new ideas, and making lots of money for their owners, so lots of people like to invest in them.

Sector Analysis and Trends

Studying business patterns in the DOW 30 shows which parts are growing. Tech companies are a big part of making the index go up, and healthcare and consumer spending are also important. Learning about these patterns helps people who invest take advantage of new chances and handle risks that are specific to each part of the market.

Global Perspectives on DOW 30 Stocks

The DOW 30 stocks affect the world, not just America. Big companies in the DOW have business all over the world. Things like the world economy, politics, and money value change these companies. People who want DOW 30 stocks should think about how they do outside the U.S. and how world events could affect their money.


The 30 big company stocks, including stock market news, are good for people who seek safety, growth, and cash flow. They are valuable components to diversify investment portfolios. Understanding their historical performance, current strengths, and global market dynamics can guide long-term wealth creation strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Top 30 Dow Markets?

    The top 30 is made of thirty firms in the DOW Jones. Many follow this big list. They show tech, health, money, and things we buy.

  • How Are These Top 30 Firms Found?

    The Wall Street Journal staff pick these firms. They look at firm name, growth, and the field. They want to show how the U.S. market is doing. This list is changed to match our needs.

  • How Are These Top 30 Found?

    These firms are based on high priced stocks. To find it, add all 30 stock prices and divide by a change number. This way is not like other lists where size makes a change.

  • Why Do These Firms Matter?

    These 30 show how we do. They show how big firms do. Many look at them to know what's going on, how we feel, and our money. This list is old, so it shows years of change and growth.

  • What Firms Are in the Top 30?

    Top firms are from diff' areas. Like Apple in tech, Johns' & Johns' in health, JPMorgan Chase with our cash, The Coca-Cola in stuff, and ExxonMobil with power. They are top firms and make a big change.

  • How Can We Buy These Firms?

    We can buy stock with an account. Or use funds that show the DJIA. These funds put all firms in one, so we can buy all at once.

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