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Today's Breakout Stocks

This page lists stocks that are currently trading above or below their 50-day or 200-day moving averages. The results are sorted by the percentage difference between the stock's current share price and its moving average.

Ticker Current Price 50-Day Percent Moving Average Volume Average Volume
BHIL Benson Hill, Inc...
$6.70   $0.26 (4.04%) $0.18   3622.22% 131,710 1.53 M
EDTX EdtechX Holdings...
$63.24   $20.01 (46.29%) $15.25   314.69% 603,889 208,645
EDTXU EdtechX Holdings...
$57.22   $18.22 (46.72%) $14.96   282.49% 1,292 893
SERV Serve Robotics I...
$7.48   $4.85 (184.41%) $2.50   199.2% 253.97 M 532,194
EMP Entergy Mississi...
$22.63   $0.01 (0.04%) $7.68   194.66% 1,042 8.3 M
DTOCU Digital Transfor...
$32.89   $16.03 (95.08%) $11.33   190.29% 2,049 360
NMRD Nemaura Medical ...
$0.11   $0.07 (229.06%) $0.04   175% 7,475 34,424
PSNL Personalis, Inc.
$3.85   $1.40 (57.03%) $1.42   171.13% 22.49 M 339,654
CNXA Connexa Sports T...
$1.50   $0.42 (38.89%) $0.56   167.86% 16.88 M 4.51 M
RGS Regis Corporatio...
$28.34   $5.60 (24.79%) $10.62   166.85% 272,538 819,686
ASPAU Abri SPAC I, Inc...
$28.99   $17.77 (158.38%) $10.93   165.23% 5,852 201
ASPA Abri SPAC I, Inc...
$27.05   $14.55 (116.4%) $10.95   147.03% 2.02 M 8,248
DTOC Digital Transfor...
$25.97   $12.27 (89.56%) $11.25   130.84% 4.53 M 120,018
LSPR Larkspur Health ...
$22.50   $12.83 (132.68%) $10.33   117.81% 122,046 12,371
SHIM Shimmick Corpora...
$4.00   $0.25 (6.61%) $1.84   117.39% 4.04 M 1.01 M
LCFY Locafy Limited
$6.77   $0.60 (9.72%) $3.14   115.61% 316,433 1.28 M
SZZL Sizzle Acquisiti...
$22.50   $12.51 (125.23%) $10.86   107.18% 39,032 74,068
AUGX Augmedix, Inc.
$2.27   $1.35 (147.71%) $1.10   106.36% 23.76 M 745,460
LSPRU Larkspur Health ...
$20.80   $10.61 (104.12%) $10.44   99.23% 6,227 667
GSRMR GSR II Meteora A...
$3.14   $0.48 (18.05%) $1.60   96.25% 118,860 21,711

Breakout Stocks: Identifying Opportunities for Growth


Buying breakout stocks can give you big profits by investing in stocks that are likely to go up a lot in a short time. This post talks about breakout stocks, their good sides, things that affect how they do, ways to look at their basic details, how to find them, real examples, smart tips for investing, and worldwide views, and ends with advice for people who want to use breakout chances in their investments.

Understanding Breakout Stocks

Breakout stocks are known for sudden, big price moves that usually happen after a time when the price stays the same or when a stock goes over important technical levels. These stocks get noticed because they might get more valuable quickly, and so traders and investors who want short-term profits are interested in them.

Benefits of Investing in Breakout Stocks

Buying breakout stocks has advantages. They can bring big gains in a short time compared to normal buying and holding. Adding them to your investments can make your mix better and help you take advantage of market changes.

Things Affecting Breakout Stocks

A few things affect breakout stocks:

Market Stuff

Market trends, how investors feel, and bigger money things help find breakouts. Good market times mean more trust from investors and more chances to make money on breakout stocks.

Looking at Data

Data from before helps see patterns and things that show where breakouts might happen. Tools like moving averages, RSIs, and chart patterns like triangles help find good times to get in and out for max wins and less risk.

Fundamental Analysis of Breakout Stocks

Technical analysis looks at price changes and how people think about the market. Fundamental analysis looks at a company's money health and chances for growth.

Company Performance and Growth Chances

Looking at basic things like sales growth, earnings for each stock, how much profit a company makes compared to its costs, and how well it does in the market helps see how long a company can last and how much it could go up. Companies with good basics and a clear path for growth are more likely to keep going up.

Trend in Industries

What's happening in certain areas affects which stocks do well. New areas like tech, healthcare, and clean energy offer chances for growth because of new ideas, rules, and shifts in what people want.

Strategies for Identifying Breakout Stocks

Good ways to find strong stocks that might go up include:

1. Looking at Certain Things

Tools that help choose stocks based on things like price moves, how much they are traded, how strong they are compared to other stocks, and how well their part of the market is doing. Doing this can help you spot stocks that might be ready to go up and narrow down which ones to think about investing in.

2. Being Careful with Risks

It's important to be careful with stocks that might go up a lot. Spreading your investments across different parts of the market and types of things you invest in, putting orders in place to stop big losses, and not putting too much money on risky stocks are all important things to do when trying to make the most of stocks that might break out.

3. Real-World Examples

Looking at real examples of stocks that have done well and gone up a lot can help you learn:

What worked

Big names like Netflix and Tesla have had times where their stock prices went up by a lot. Learning about what helped them do well can help you see what might work in the future for picking stocks.

Investing Tips for Breakout Stocks


Breakout stocks, such as GSMGW stock, are excellent for expanding your investments. Understanding breakout dynamics, employing astute analysis, and effectively mitigating risks are essential to capitalize on opportunities in any market. This strategic approach enhances your ability to maximize gains from breakout stocks, including evaluating GSMGW stock's market performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Breakout Stocks?

    Breakout stocks are ones that move above a level where buyers tried hard to stop the price going up, or beneath a level where sellers tried hard to stop the price dropping, with more stock being bought and sold. This shows a chance of a new pattern in prices. A breakout is often seen as a sign of a lot of buying or selling, meaning the stock might continue in the breakout direction.

  • How Do Investors Find Breakout Stocks?

    Investors can find breakout stocks by looking at charts and volume tools. Key things to look for are a stock's price going beyond a resistance or support level and a big increase in stock trading. Many tools and platforms help find potential breakouts.

  • Why Are Breakout Stocks Big for Traders?

    Breakout stocks are big for traders because they can show the start of a new pattern, offering chances for gain. By finding breakouts early, traders can start deals thinking the stock's price will keep moving in the breakout way. This can make much gain if the pattern goes on.

  • What Makes a Stock Have a Breakout?

    A few things can make a stock have a breakout, like good or bad news about the company, numbers on earnings, shifts in the field, wide-scale money trends, and more folks getting into the stock. Breakouts can also happen due to chart things like breaking long-held levels, setting off stop deals, and pulling in more trades.

  • How Should Folks Trade Breakout Stocks?

    Folks should trade breakout stocks with a set plan. This means making a mark to start deals when the breakout is seen with a lot of trades, using stop deals to limit risk, and making set goals to lock in gains. It's also key to watch the stock close after the breakout to make sure the pattern goes on and change the plan as needed.

  • What Are Dangers Linked to Trading Breakout Stocks?

    Trading breakout stocks has dangers such as false breakouts, where the stock moves past a resistance or support level but quick turns back. This can lead to loss if traders expect the move to last. Also, breakouts can change due to stock shifts, making it key to use risk plans, stay up on stock conditions, and be set for fast changes in stock moves.

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